NASA Mission AS-508 Apollo 13 Owners Workshop Manual

Hardback – 208 pages – On 13 April 1970 Apollo 13 suffered a near-catastrophic explosion. The planned lunar landing was instantly called off and the new challenge was to get the spacecraft safely back to Earth.When the carbon dioxide in the three astronauts #39; exhaled breath threatened to asphyxiate them the crew improvised a filter device which had been tested in Mission Control to make the air breathable. Only hours before hurtling back into the atmosphere did they power up the Apollo spacecraft again – not knowing if it had been fatally damaged in the explosion.Here is the in-depth inside technical story of how a potential disaster became NASA #39;s finest hour told by a member of the team working in Mission Control during the crisis to ensure the astronauts #39; safety.Contents: Prelude To The Moon Houston – We #39;ve had a Problem Limping Home The Big Hurry-Up The Long Haul Home Run What Went Wrong Appendices click here…..

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