International Rescue Thunderbirds: Agents Technical Manual

Hardcover – 135 pages – International Rescue Thunderbirds: Agents Technical Manual – Based on the classic Supermarionation television series produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson this Haynes Agents #39; Manual is fully authorised by ITV Studios.Contains: A personal introduction by International Rescue #39;s founder and commander in chief Jeff Tracy. Background information about the amazing technological and scientific achievements of the late 21st century. A history of the creation of International Rescue. Fully detailed and comprehensively annotated cutaway drawings of all the major Thunderbirds craft specialised rescue vehicles and Tracy Island installations by renowned cutaway artist Graham Bleathman. Profile illustrations of all the Thunderbirds craft by original Thunderbirds production artist Mike Trim plus further illustrations by CGI artist and film-maker Chris Thompson. Mission Files relating all major International Rescue call-outs come here

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