Traffic by Tom VanderbiltWhy does the other lane always seem to be moving faster? Why are people so different inside their cars than they are outside them? Is traffic a microcosm of society or does the road make its own rules? Traffic speaks volumes: bringing together people from every walk of life. In this hugely enjoyable curiosity-filled book Tom Vanderbilt explains why traffic problems are really people problems. Traffic shows that how we behave walking the streets on our bikes and in our cars is an astonishing cultural indicator; a living constantly surprising model what physicists call emergent collective behaviour . Vanderbilt chauffeurs us through why it s so hard to pay attention in traffic why women cause more congestion than men what factors make us more likely to honk our horns and a whole host of eye-opening highway conundrums. This book will change the way you view the world and help you better navigate it.Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt further data

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