Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival by Doug NyeThe Goodwood Revival Meeting was established in 1998 exactly 50 years after the famous motor circuit in southern England first opened and now attracts more than 100 000 visitors each year to Lord March s beautiful Goodwood estate. This gripping book celebrates the first 10 years of the Revival which for three days each September re-creates in astonishing detail and with dramatic panache not only the motor racing of the years up to 1966 but also the magical ethos glamorous social scene and charming customs of that bygone era. Dynamic eyewitness accounts by such virtuoso drivers as Sir Stirling Moss Sir Jackie Stewart and John Surtees add colour and humour to the extraordinary story of the Goodwood circuit while spectacular vintage and contemporary photographs of the cars and stars offer a magnificent commemoration of this unique event that relives the golden age of motor racing.Goodwood Revival by Doug Nye additional info…..

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